Gua Sha Tool
Gua Sha Tool
Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha Tool

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Inspired by Acient Asian custom, this massage technique is for your face and body to increase. Regular use of your  Gua Sha can increase circulation, reduce wrinkles and loose skin and raises immunity. It calms irritated skin, improves elasticity and relaxes your muscles and also promotes lymphatic drainage creating more radiant skin.

How to Use:

Apply your favorite moisturizing mist and/or oil. Hold the Gua Sha tool in your hand and place it flat on your skin, not on the edge. Then with your other hand, hold your skin back and then with the tool "scrape" up and out with gentle to medium pressure. Be sure NOT to bruise your skin! Do not put too much pressure as you can easily bruise. Once you get to the hair line, keep it there for a few seconds to ease tension. Repeat on other side of face. Use this also on your neck, arms, chest, legs and back.

LRC Recommendation:  Great when used in combination with our Facial Serums, Massage Oils, or Body Oils




Jade: A good luck charm and activates all chakras. This stone brings insight, guidance, peace and self-knowledge. 

Quartz: Considered the master healer. Helps to clear up stagnant energies.  Will absorb negative energies and amplify intentions set while using the tool.

Rose Quartz: The stone of love.  Delivers inner inner healing.