MLK and Our WHY

My personal journey with MLK's legacy began as a 5 year-old child so intrigued with his racial equality campaign that she checked out and read every single book from library she could grab.  His legacy inspired me to want to become a civil rights lawyer.  Fifteen years later, I graduated from civil rights powerhouse Howard University School of law and set off to practice for a few years. As an adult, living in St. Louis, through embedding myself in law practice, civic and political involvement and the activism of Michael Brown Ferguson, and seeing the harsh realities of racism driven economic disparity in the neighborhood segregation around me, I became aware of the other part of MLK's platform, his Poor People's Campaign and his Economic Bill of Rights of 1964, which among several other points, called for strengthening of minority-owned businesses. It is through this awakening that, in 2021 I founded Liberated Roots Collection, in order to provide a 24/7, 365 day per year, streamlined connection between small Black-owned businesses and the shopping community.  

*According to a report by the House Committee on Small Business, between February and April of 2020, Black business ownership declined more than 40%, the largest drop across any ethnic group.*

*Access to capital and accumulation of wealth remain two of the biggest challenges for Black businesses owners.*

When Black businesses struggle, Black communities struggle!

This is WHY what we do at Liberated Roots Collection all day, everyday is vital!  We are here as a Black woman-owned business to showcase other Black-owned businesses who share in our commitment to wellbeing and empowerment.  Supporting creativity, self-sustenance, self-care, collaboration and cultural pride is a part of what it means for us to move move mountains.

The article linked below highlights how author Maggie Anderson responded to MLK's call for economic justice and underscores our mission.  How will you respond?

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